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2020 Hyundai Palisade Is Packed With Features and Refinement

Consumer Reports has no economical relationship with advertisers at this site.

Consumer Reports has no economical relationship with advertisers at this site.

The all-new three-row Hyundai Palisade takes at established midsized SUVs with its sharp design, spacious interior, and a roster of goods tool including advanced safety systems, an impressive infotainment system, and even an intercom ought allow drivers grade ought kids at the wayback seat.

This model is the mechanical sibling of the impressive Kia Telluride. alike the Kia, the Palisade hits complete the accurate numbers though the class, with dimensions, power, and towing at a par with its main rivals, the Chevrolet Traverse, Ford Explorer, Honda Pilot, and Toyota Highlander, among others. cabin during it goes beyond the norm by being a well-rounded vehicle without any glaring flaws.

We rented a Palisade Limited from Hyundai ought sample one ago it goes at sale. This is the top-of-the-line version, with enough features and tool ought contend a luxury SUV.

These are our first impressions ago we buy our cause though a fully instrumented road-test version.

What We alike . . . accordingly Far

The Palisade has an attractive exterior, and the Limited neat we drove has an exclusive grille, chrome accents, body-colored wheel arches, and 20-inch wheels. These touches invent the Palisade appear decidedly upscale, an concept that carries ought the interior.

Getting at is easy, because of big front doors and seats that are at hip altitude though an median driver. The seats are wide, mildly bolstered, heated, vented, and lovely comfortable.

The tool panel at the Limited uses a 12.3-inch digital impartial that can souvenir a hill of data direct at front of the driver. It temporarily replaces the tachometer and speedometer with a video nourish from alongside the vehicle when the bring symbol has been activated. symbol left, and the left-side standard at front of the driver is filled with the left aspect video feed. symbol right, and the right-side standard gets replaced with the right-side video view.

It's a clever path ought enlarge a traditional blind spot warning system, cabin during some of our drivers considered this goods a mere novelty however others concept it could exist distracting.

The controls are clearly labeled and silly ought use, a Hyundai hallmark. cabin during it's a outlook attain ought the screen, and the gear selector is unintuitive. quite than being more alike a traditional shifter, drivers cause ought pick a button.

The infotainment system is simple ought use, because we've experienced with other Hyundai models. Our Palisade came with a wide, 10.25-inch affect fur that can impartial multiple functions at a time. It's simple ought pick one, such because navigation or playing music.

An intercom goods makes it simple though the driver ought grade with passengers at the rear. It uses a microphone up front, and the strong comes out of the rear speakers.

There are clever touches complete around, alike the center comfort glass holders. They're essentially cups at an empty bin. cabin during the walls of the cups can retract ought empty up the space when you don’t absence ought acquire a drink.

There's a big storage space at front of that comfort and below the transmission controls, where a little Shopping bag or handbag could exist conveniently stowed. Handy USB ports are at the uphold of the front seats.

The second-row captain’s seats are slightly elevated, and they're alike ought those at the front row. They're quite comfortable, with generous legroom and headroom.

Passengers are kept cold by ceiling-mounted vents, and there are rear climate controls at the uphold of the center console. Two glass holders and a bottle holder are at each door. The front moonroof can open. That and the fixed rear sunroof made our Palisade feel empty and airy.

The second-row seats fold and fountain dispatch at the further of a button ought lease access ought the third row. That row has USB ports at each aspect and a energy seat back-tilt control. There are up ought seven USB ports at total, cabin during only one is though data; the fracture are though charging gadgets.

Cargo space after the third-row seats is relatively good though the class, and there's room beneath the burden floor. This is helpful though transporting groceries or other loose items accordingly they don’t tumble out when the liftgate is opened.

The Limited has a handy put of energy controls though the second and third rows, accordingly the seats can exist folded from the burden section.

The mechanism and transmission blend is smooth, with predictable energy delivery and plenty of energy at reserve. The mechanism never sounds harsh, even when revved.

The drive is chiefly controlled with a represent of firmness, specially with the 20-inch tires that become at most versions. It’s a big, high vehicle, accordingly it’s no specially nimble. cabin during at least there's only limited body rgeister along turns.

There are modes—including Eco, Comfort, Smart, Snow and Sport—to assist drivers dial at the desired mechanism response and traction. bow the dial ought athletics and the Palisade responds a slice faster, with sharper throttle response. We enjoyed the wise setting, which reacts ought how the vehicle is driven by switching automatically along the modes, saving fuel when cruising and accelerating when needed.

Every neat flat comes with a commendable lodging of advanced safety and driver assist features, including dispatch shock warning, automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, way keeping assist, driver attention monitor, adaptive trip control, rear occupant alert (to obstruct leaving a baby or pet behind), and rear parking warning.

The quantity and quality of the features amplify because shoppers step up along the trims and options packages. The Limited we drove has occupant detection, blind spot warning and video feed, rear cross communication alert, safe exit assist ought hold a gate from opening if the system senses approaching communication from the rear, and front parking sensors ought alert drivers when they're getting because robust near ought an object.

What We Don’t Like

There's small ought exist critical of, based at our initial experience. at fact, the greatest weaknesses that jumped out at us were ordinary or median though the class. no many vehicles can invent that claim.

That said, we outlook the gear selector was the traditional leverlike class alike at the Telluride, or at least easier ought navigate without having ought appear at it. 

The central silver buttons though infotainment modes, such because map, navigation, and radio, are difficult ought devour during the engagement when the text is no illuminated.

Space at the third-row is limited, which is general though the class.  

What We’ll hold Our Eyes On

We sampled a fully loaded Palisade, cabin during when it goes at sale, we plot ought buy a more modestly equipped translation though testing. We are anxious ought shriek on if our overall impressions remain unchanged when there are fewer pampering features.

The Palisade looks poised ought give the recent corn of three-row midsized SUVs a earnest brook though the money. 

About the cars we rent: Consumer Reports tests only the cars that we purchase. We revenue automakers at opportunity ought drive early or various versions of cars we can ultimately buy (we don't lend magazine cars liberate of charge, because many other publications do), cabin during those impressions are never separate of the 50-plus-evaluation regimen that we put our purchased cars through. 

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