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How to Help Your Dog Recover from Surgery

Caring for Your Dog’s Wound

1.Keep your dog from licking his incision. It is a myth that dog saliva has healing properties. Licking is likely to either colonize the incision with bacteria from his mouth or pull the stitches out. To prevent him from licking the wound, you will either have to use a buster collar, a dressing, or a covering such as a T-shirt.

2.Get your dog a buster collar: Otherwise known as the "cone of shame" these are plastic collars that fit around the head like an upside down lampshade. The idea is to provide a barrier between the tongue and the wound. The collar is best left on at all times. The dog may not like wearing it but he will get used to it.
  • Many dogs are secretive lickers and if you remove the collar thinking he can be trusted, it is likely he will wait until alone and then lick.
3.Wrap the wound up with bandages. Areas such as a paw or leg are amenable to bandaging, which keeps the wound clean and protected.
  • If your dog is a chewer, he may still need to wear a buster collar so that he doesn't chew the bandage off.
4.Cover the wound by putting a t-shirt on your dog. Incisions on the trunk can be covered with a T-shirt. Choose a T-shirt that is large enough to cover the necessary area, and put the dog's head through the T-shirt neck, and forelegs through the arm holes. Tie the hem of the T-shirt in a knot to secure the lower end.
  • Do not use safety pins since these pose a swallowing hazard.
  • T-shirts are especially useful if you have a couple of dogs, and the companion licks his friend.
5.Keep the incision clean and dry. When possible cover the wound (as described in the previous steps) when the dog goes out to relieve himself. If the incision gets splashed with mud or dirt, clean it gently.
  • Clean the wound with diluted salt water. Boil the kettle and allow the water to cool. Mix 1 teaspoon of salt into 1 US-pint (470 ml) of previously boiled water, and keep this as your stock solution.
  • Soak a clean pad of cotton wool in the salt solution and squeeze out the excess moisture. Use the moist pad to gently wipe away contamination.
  • Pat the area dry with a clean towel.

My experience of cover my Gabbys's wound with a soft cotton t-shirt

Review:Couldn’t ask for better customer service of. Recd this immediately due to Gabbys surgery. Fits perfectly. Drs were impressed. 


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